Planet Smart City, the global leader in smart affordable housing, is pleased to announce its partnership with Brazilian real-estate specialist InLoop and the subsequent development of more than 2,500 high-quality, low-cost apartments in São Paulo, the largest city in the Americas by population.

The innovative São Paulo development will be delivered through three projects, the first of which will be launched in 2020. All 2,500 homes will integrate modern and functional design as well as a wide range of services that aim to offer residents more quality of life and convenience, through shared services and other amenities.

The apartments will combine smart solutions across Planet Smart City’s four key areas: planning and architecture, technological systems, environment, and social innovation. Powered by the free Planet App, residents can manage energy consumption at home and keep informed with any local updates or community initiatives. Urban gardens, a library and other free shared space will also provide opportunities for locals to come and learn and live together, promoting a circular economy and improving quality of life for all.

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