Planet Smart City takes part in a program that calls on students from all Italian universities to rethink safety, mobility and life in the future of our communities.

From secondary schools to universities, Planet Smart City supports educational activities to help bridge the gap between academia and business. Recent initiatives – such as our partnership with the Polytechnic University of Turin and the agreement with the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice – encourage young people to engage with technical-scientific subjects so they can generate research and gain practical insights into architecture, engineering, technology and smart cities.

Driven by continuous research, we are fostering a global network of partners to support innovative solutions for accessible urban living. With this in mind, Planet has agreed to sponsor in Italy “Hack&Go”, a hackathon – an event where participants are challenged to make something from the ground up – dedicated to the themes of 5G, the Internet of Things (loT), and smart mobility. The initiative is promoted by Triulza Foundation in partnership with Bosch and Wind Tre, in collaboration with Concept Reply.

The program calls on students from all Italian universities to rethink safety, mobility and life in the future of our communities, with the aim of creating smart cities that are welcoming, sustainable, and efficient for all. A challenge that has become even more prominent in the context of Covid-19 is the need to redesign not only places and services in our cities, but also how we organise our everyday lives.

In July candidates were presented with the challenges and skills required, along with technical strategic information and inputs for them to develop. The event included an in-depth study of smart city and smart life technologies together with mentors from Planet Smart City, Bosch, Wind Tre, Concept Reply and Triulza Foundation. Candidates will then present a project idea by 6th September.

Selected candidates will compete for prototypes of their project proposals to be developed in a two-day event from 14th to 15th October. The best ideas will be selected by a jury of experts and the winners will have the opportunity to do internships at Bosch and Wind Tre.