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We design and build smart affordable neighbourhoods

We integrate architectural, digital, environmental and social innovation solutions to deliver high-quality low-cost homes. Our projects create communities and foster relationships.

Founded in 2015 by Italian real-estate experts Giovanni Savio and Susanna Marchionni, and chaired by physicist and entrepreneur Stefano Buono, the company has one vision: to offer everyone the opportunity to live in a better home. Planet Smart City tackles the global housing crisis in countries with large housing deficits and also works in partnership with developers worldwide to revitalise existing communities through smart technologies. Our know-how is transferred globally whilst always catering for local culture and needs.

The global leader in smart affordable housing, Planet Smart City designs and builds cities and neighbourhoods that place people at the heart of every project. Our multi-disciplinary teams integrate architectural, digital, environmental and social innovation solutions to deliver high-quality low-cost homes, creating lasting value. We provide more than a home, shaping communities which are supported by great infrastructure, technology, services and community engagement programmes.

We provide more than just a home. We create communities that are smart, sustainable and socially inclusive

Planet’s unique proposition has become a reality in Brazil where we are building Smart City Laguna, the first smart affordable housing project in the world, and Smart City Natal.

Together, they will have about 40,000 residents. The company also has an active portfolio in Italy where it develops smart projects with key developers. Headquartered in London, Planet recently raised more than 44 million euros and is executing an ambitious growth plan which includes the launch of 8 large-scale residential projects in the next 18 months.

Our management team has a proven track record of successfully developing and monetising large-scale developments
We have two business units

Both Planet Idea and Planet Next play a key role in our mission to design and develop smart affordable neighbourhoods and projects around the world. The business units bring distinct expertise to projects and help us create places that matter.

Planet Idea Specialising in the development of greenfield projects, which are built from the ground-up, Planet Idea is the driving force behind our affordable housing projects, tackling one of the most pressing global issues. The team designs and integrates smart solutions according to each community’s needs, always ensuring we create long-lasting value. It has developed Smart City Laguna, the first smart affordable city in the world, and Smart City Natal, both in Brazil. Planet Idea also works with key partners around the world to forge partnerships such as the company’s collaboration with Investire SGR, which culminated in the creation of REDO Milan.
Planet Next Planet Next’s core focus is on brownfield projects, providing expertise on rejuvenation and redevelopment of existing areas, including housing projects and other initiatives such as commercial developments, stadiums and public spaces. In line with our core values, Planet Next integrates smart solutions while leveraging our four key areas of expertise – planning and architecture, technological systems, environment and social innovation – in order to create places that matter.
Our values help us tackle
the global housing crisis

We have developed a unique offering that tackles the global housing shortage by integrating smart solutions and social innovation practices to deliver high quality, affordable homes that foster a true sense of community.


We specialise in large-scale projects, so we can transform the way affordable housing is delivered worldwide. We are a global company which understands local culture.

Forward thinking

We integrate the smartest technologies that enable better homes and better communities. We have a cutting edge, multi-cultural team which is at the forefront of smart developments in the world.


We place people at the heart of everything that we do. We believe everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their community with access to improved quality of life through information, education and wellbeing. We empower citizens to make a difference in their communities through inclusive and user-friendly practices.


We believe in working together and turning big problems into big solutions. We are solution orientated and strive to simplify and streamline process and structures in order to deliver our projects on time and to plan.

We integrate smart solutions and social innovation practices on large-scale projects Our approach