7 October 2021 Smart technology that brings people together
19 July 2021 Planet Smart City expands global footprint with North American project
16 July 2021 Planet Smart City creates exclusive platform with Kolte-Patil Developers to launch 15,000 housing units*
8 May 2021 A smart community is about more than technology
7 April 2021 New smart solution in Quartiere Giardino: E-Vai electric car-sharing
Planet Smart City has signed an international agreement with Enel X
2 March 2021 Planet Smart City and Enel X launch strategic partnership
5 February 2021 Quartiere Giardino residents offered discounted home sanitation services
20 January 2021 Adopting a co-design process to empower communities
21 December 2020 Smart City Aquiraz: houses designed to make dreams come true
14 December 2020 Planet and AI Engineering: partnership fosters innovation
Residents of Smart City Laguna in Brazil, the first affordable smart city in the world
24 November 2020 Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things in affordable housing
3 November 2020 Planet App facilitates access to health services
21 September 2020 Last week to vote for the winner of the Digital Illustration course at Smart City Laguna
9 September 2020 Casa di Quartiere: how our Community Managers work with neighbourhood associations in Turin, Italy
17 August 2020 Affordable real estate needs reimagining to sweep away the old dichotomy of quality and affordability
11 August 2020 Planet Smart City in support of young talent
3 August 2020 Planet Smart City partners with UN-Habitat on slum upgrading initiatives in Kenya
17 July 2020 Library of Things: why buy when you can share?
7 July 2020 Defining happier communities: simple and meaningful ways to create lasting connections
2 July 2020 Smart solutions to improve urban mobility
23 June 2020 Four ways we can innovate in real estate
15 June 2020 Planet Smart City partners with global leadership organisation Mandela Mile
3 June 2020 Planet Smart City strengthens Board of Directors with world-class experience
26 May 2020 Planet Smart City expands further in Brazil with new smart city launch
22 May 2020 What is a smart city?
11 May 2020 AI as a tool for improving life
6 May 2020 E-POLI: access to public services made easy
1 May 2020 Planet Institute: how our social arm in Brazil works
23 April 2020 Global perspective, local solutions
15 April 2020 Digital solutions to revolutionise community empowerment
9 April 2020 Planet Smart City to build 1,000 smart affordable homes in Pune, India
29 March 2020 How technology can help reduce food waste
26 March 2020 Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of community support – we must invest in its long-term future now
23 March 2020 Security: how we deal with one of the biggest concerns of our clients in Brazil
16 March 2020 Real estate needs to rethink its relationship with communities
3 March 2020 Urban digitisation on a human scale
14 February 2020 Supporting people-focused smart cities at the World Urban Forum
10 February 2020 Planet Smart City expands its global reach with launch in India
30 January 2020 Planet Smart City to play key role at the tenth World Urban Forum
29 January 2020 Planet Smart City establishes world-class international Scientific Committee
14 January 2020 Planet Smart City completes latest fundraising taking total capital to €100m
9 December 2019 Why real estate must innovate to thrive
27 November 2019 Why Community Managers matter to our neighbourhoods
19 November 2019 Ideas, innovation and influence: exploring the role of our world-first Competence Centre
11 November 2019 Planet is at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019
8 November 2019 Planet Smart City strengthens digital strategy with appointment of Alan Marcus
24 October 2019 Planet Smart City appoints Chief Innovation Officer
Diana House
21 October 2019 How smart houses can make affordable homes
17 October 2019 Laguna’s Innovation Hub wins architecture award
11 October 2019 Planet Smart City is now a member of Design for All Europe
17 September 2019 Planet Smart City to expand operations in Brazil
6 August 2019 Planet Smart City signs university partnership as it develops a global network to promote intelligent affordable neighbourhoods
17 July 2019 Planet launches its second smart city in Natal, Brazil
10 July 2019 Listening is key to place branding in Laguna
3 July 2019 Planet Smart City completes group rebrand
24 May 2019 Reinventing Cities: Planet develops app for winning project
21 May 2019 Planet Smart City is an adviser to REDO, the first smart affordable neighbourhood in Italy
15 May 2019 Presentation of “Bergamo: the city of the future”
9 April 2019 Planet Idea joins force with Audible
12 March 2019 Planet at Milano Digital Week
8 March 2019 Meet us at MIPIM 2019
12 February 2019 The CEO of the Planet Group in Brazil will speak at the Smart City Expo Curitiba 2019
16 January 2019 Bergamo Porta Sud: meeting with community members
5 December 2018 OPPO chooses Planet for the first smart Christmas tree in Milan
12 November 2018 Planet attends The Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona
29 October 2018 Planet Group attends The Wtm18 In San Paolo
25 October 2018 Are you ready for the 2018 Climathon in Turin?
17 October 2018 Planet Idea attends “metamorphosis of the market” an event organised by Assimpredil Ance
9 October 2018 Planet partners with the Olivetti Makes exhibition in Mexico City
8 October 2018 Stefano Buono becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors of Planet Group
13 September 2018 Planet And Terra Madre: let’s reduce our environmental impact
22 August 2018 PLANET participates in the 13th Adit Invest and the Secovi 2018 Convention
19 July 2018 Smart City Laguna at Conecta Imobi 2017
Seed and chips
4 May 2018 Planet Supporta Seeds & Chips – global food innovation summit
Piazza Risorgimento
24 March 2017 Success stories from the first smart square in Italy
25 August 2016 Smart Cities: the cities of tomorrow
1 April 2016 Minha Casa Minha Vida arrives at step 3 with two million new homes by 2018
22 March 2016 Israeli startups in Brazil: The 3C Smart Cities Challenge
10 August 2015 Pecem and its potential
Port Pecem
30 July 2015 New port of Pecém will have R $800 million of investment