Company that produces and distributes electricity, natural gas and environmental services using innovative solutions.

A company that focuses on the built environment providing engineering, planning, project management, and consulting services. It has over 11,000 employees and is active in Africa, the Americas, Australia, East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

It is a creative and collaborative company that develops innovative products and services with the purpose of generating a positive impact on people's lives and in society. It operates through the brand DNA Social, which for 25 years offers activities to stimulate the culture of socializing in living environments, using the methodology of Conviviality Design, systematized by the teacher Dr. Claudia Pellegrino.


Global multinational energy provider of electricity and gas. Currently responsible for the distribution of energy in the areas of Ceará and Rio de Janeiro.


International group of energy and technology experts, whose mission is to contribute to a sustainable future through the design of buildings and cities.

Marcelo Franco

Company responsible for the design of the Sport HUB at the Smart City Laguna.


Developer and producer of custom smart sensors.

A Places for Us é a primeira consultoria de place branding do Brasil. É especialista em pessoas, lugares e marcas, necessariamente nessa ordem. Promove o senso de pertencimento, fortalece a identidade local de forma colaborativa, cria vetores de resiliência para o lugar e contribui para transformar áreas em lugares dotados de identidade e significado.


International company active in the field of information technology, electronics, and household appliances.

Smart Beacon

Information technology consultancy company operating in the area of proximity marketing, retail, and banking. They develop proximity marketing solutions for museums, mobile applications for banks, and point of sale (POS) systems for the world of fashion retail.

Sergio Santana

Sergio Santana is recognized as one of the most successful Brazilian landscapers. He has been working on international projects since 1979 when his studio began planning the Dallas botanical garden.


Multinational company operating in the telecommunications sector providing mobile, landline, and internet services. They specialize in the installation of GSM, 3G and 4G repeaters which guarantee continuous data coverage for mobile and internet purposes. For example, the Biosite is a multifunctional structure that improves the quality of data transmission and can be used simultaneously for public lighting and video surveillance.


Leading global company for the development of fire and safety systems.

THE UNIVERSITY OF GASTRONOMIC SCIENCES (UNISG) is an international academic institution.


Company that designs, develops and markets automated products and systems in the fields of communication and security, telecommunications, and energy management.