Great Campus Smart Square

Project of

Planet Idea


Genova High Tech Spa


Genova, Italy

Start Date

Maggio 2018


7.500 m2




This 400,000 square meter property overlooks the sea and will be the setting for a true science campus right in the heart of Genoa. Great Campus will be the largest science and technology campus in Italy; it encourages students, researchers, and managers to collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow together.

A Smart Square and park will be located in the middle of the campus. The two areas will offer spaces for games and sports, cultural events, exhibitions, and other recreational activities.

Great Campus has chosen Planet Idea to act as the Smart City Advisor for the process of integrating innovative solutions into the campus.

The project involves the implementation of: a drinking water dispenser, e-bike station, energy grid, smart bench, solar bricks, smart gym, and fun theory.

The following companies have already all chosen Great Campus as their headquarters in Genoa and Liguria: Ericsson, Esaote, IIT, Siemens, TAG - Talent Garden, Digital Liguria.

Built Environment 67%
Ecosystem Resources 83%
Society 50%
Technological Systems 33%

Smart Solutions