OPPO Xmas Tree

Project of

Planet Idea


OPPO Smartphone


Milano, Italy


1.000 m2

Event Date

06/12/18 - 06/01/19




Creating a “smart” urban area means enhancing it while improving the living conditions for its citizens.

Piazza XXIV Maggio will host the OPPO Xmas Tree for 30 days, a unique 'smart' Christmas Tree. OPPO has collaborated with Planet Idea, the first smart city Competence Center, to realize this technologically innovative, interactive, and inclusive project.

For the holidays, the square will become a small 'smart' urban ecosystem. It is a demonstration of the smart city concept, similar to the community Planet Idea is building near Fortaleza, Brazil. The intervention integrates various innovative solutions that focus on the citizens and embrace four dimensions: ecosystem resources, built environment, technological systems, and society.

The innovative solutions installed include: solar bricks, exercise equipment that produce electricity, free Wi-Fi, multi-sensor street lamps, and a dedicated neighborhood app.

Built Environment 60%
Ecosystem Resources 80%
Society 40%
Technological Systems 80%

Smart Solutions