Risorgimento Smart Square

Project of

Planet Idea


Città di Torino


Torino, Italy

Start Date

Agosto 2016


5.200 m2




The aim of this pilot project is to demonstrate the impact of redesigning an urban space based on the four transformative pillars identified by Planet (architecture, environment, technology, and social inclusion). Planet incorporated a system of interconnected innovations which notably improved the quality of life in the community.

The square is installed with free Wi-Fi, urban gardens, gymnastic equipment, security cameras, and smart lighting systems. The introduced innovations help to make the square a more welcoming place, more suitable for children, and safer to visit even in the evening.

In addition, existing spaces such as the bocce field was refurbished. Meanwhile, an infopoint and lounge area is open to the public encouraging events, meetings, and spontaneous communities. The whole public space became livelier with increased participation from the community.

To avoid losing the extraordinary community and social relations that were born during the Smart Square pilot, Planet Idea reached an agreement with the City of Turin and District IV. A series of assets were transferred over to the City with an approximate value of € 13,000. They included the urban gardens, bocce court furniture, bookcrossing furniture, and solar brick photovoltaic tiles inserted into the pavement.

Built Environment 50%
Ecosystem Resources 46%
Society 50%
Technological Systems 50%

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