Smart Solutions

Smart solutions

Innovation impacts our lives constantly and is increasingly changing our urban spaces giving life to a revolution called the smart city.

“Intelligent lighting, fiber optics, sensors, cameras, free Wi-Fi, car sharing, bike sharing, home automation, smart grids, smart metering, but also, smart waste collection, renewable energy, water management and even digital platforms, big data, and not only … urban gardens, green management, smart health, smart working, smart food, and apps to have everything at your fingertips “.

In this endless sea of innovations it is difficult to navigate and choose the best solutions and partners.

Planet has selected numerous smart solutions and has divided them into four interrelated macro-areas: built environment, technological systems, ecosystem resources, and society.

Ecosystems Resources

Ecosystem Resources

The city is an ecosystem in which humans play a crucial role in defining the flows of matter and energy and in regulating the relationships between the various constituent parts.

The development of a smart city must consider practices that protect and maintain the quality and health of natural resources, while being economically and socially sustainable. Ecosystem resources should be planned with an interdisciplinary approach, addressing issues ranging from pollution control to the management of green areas, water bodies and all other elements that sustain the territory.

Residents of a smart neighborhood designed by Planet Idea live in a green and healthy environment.

Advanced potable water treatment

Automated lawn mower

Biological wastewater treatment

Biomass energy plant

Biosolids fertilizer

Community drinking water dispenser

Constructed wetlands for water treatment

Construction site pre-greening

Containing invasive plants

Desalination system

Discontinuous targeted pruning

Domestic biogas composter

Drought resistant plants

Energy accumulator

Energy efficiency consulting

Energy producing flooring

Energy producing speed bump

Geothermal heat pump

Graywater reuse system

Green area management by farmers

Green area management by private sector

Green public transport

Groundwater heat pump

High CO2 absorbing plants

Indoor air purification filter

Infiltration basin

Infiltration trench

Intelligent irrigation systems

Low maintenance plants

Micro combined heat and power

Micro hydroelectric plant

Micro wind turbines

Microhabitats for local fauna

Native plant species

Natural lawn mowers

Naturalized green areas

Photovoltaic system

Potable water storage system

Rain garden

Rainwater harvesting system

Reducing urban heat island effect using vegetation

Smart electricity metering

Smart lighting

Smart water metering

Soilless Agriculture

Solar and geothermal heat pump fence

Solar bricks

Solar street lights with accumulators

Solar water heating system

Superabsorbent polymers

Urban agriculture

Urban ecological network

Urban forest managment system

Urban forestation

Wastewater storage and reuse system

Wave power plant

Wet pond


Built Environment

Built Environment

Planet is rethinking the way we live in the city. Designing fluid, multipurpose, and sustainable spaces can help to improve the quality of life for residents.

Regardless of the size of an urban area or the number of its inhabitants a system of services will be available to meet the daily needs of everyone.

Small public areas for residents will mediate the transition between their homes and larger urban spaces thus fostering social integration in the neighborhood. These intermediate spaces promote a gradual transition from the individual to the collective scale.

Artistic playground

Bike box

Bike path network

Bike sharing

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Car pooling

Car sharing

City Information Modeling (CIM)

Community composting

Compact development design

Control center for local administration

Control center for property managers

District Information Modeling (DIM)

Dog playgrounds

Educational game area

Green roofs

Green walls


Innovation hub

Intelligent bus shelter

Mixed use design

Mobility on demand (MOD)

Natural erosion control techniques

Neighborhood building code

Noise barrier

Outdoor cinema

Outdoor fitness area


Pedestrian accessibility to services

Pedestrian path network

Pop-up market

Recharging stations for electric cars

Road hierarchy

Separated waste collection area

Shopping street

Smart bench

Smart parking

Smart pedestrian crossing

Structured cabling infrastructure

Sustainable demolition practices

Traffic calming zone

Universal accessibility

Urban Furniture Designed for All (DfA)

Technological Systems

Technological Systems

Technological systems are an essential prerequisite for the development of smart services. Many of Planet’s innovative solutions use digital infrastructures. Public Wi-Fi hot-spots, 4G/5G internet service coverage, efficient public transportation, and real-time data monitoring systems are but a few examples. Living in a highly connected neighborhood with technological services that improve the quality of life for residents will become an achievable dream for everyone.

4G-5G wireless networks

Acoustic detectors

Advanced digital platform

Air quality control system

Anti-trauma materials


Bottle recycling totem

Building automation

Child tracker

City information network

Condominium app

Data digitization

Digital maintenance log

Domestic health care device

Electrical grid controls

Fiber optics

Fire detectors

Flood detection system

Free Wi-Fi

Grocery purchasing and management system

Home automation

Innovative materials for potable water distribution networks

Intelligent garbage bins

Natural gas network controls

Neighborhood app

Nowcasting system

Occasional groups management app

Open data sharing

Permeable paving systems

Personal security device

Personalized diet device

Pet tracker

Photocatalytic materials

Planned and sustainable construction site

Rainfall monitoring using cameras or rain gauges

Seismic detectors

Sewage system controls and monitoring

Sharing community services

Smart thermostat

Sound-absorbing pavement

Special paints

Waste collection using RFID

Waste converter

Water distribution monitoring system

Water quality monitoring system



Improving social inclusion in a community is the specific goal of the society area. For a city to be smart it must provide quality infrastructure, a digital platform to supports its services, and equally importantly it must nurture an intelligent community.

Living in a smart city is much more than just owning a home. Rather it is an opportunity to actively participate in the life of the community, creating new experiences and reshaping the way of life there. It is a context in which all citizens contribute together to create a safer and more sustainable city.

The fundamental prerequisite of each project is to consider people as the center of the city, and their education and involvement become fundamental tools for the city’s evolution.

Automated external defibrillator (AED) Totem


Business incubator

Co-working space

Community bulletin board

Community center for workshops, courses, and social activities

Community oven

Community startup

Cultural hub

Environmental and agricultural monitoring using drones

Fabrication laboratory

Fitness trail

Fun theory

Gift and exchange bazaar

Green area management by schools

Guidelines for energy conservation

Guidelines for healthy eating

Guidelines for reducing food waste

Guidelines for waste reduction, reuse, and recycling

Guidelines for water conservation

Home delivery network

Home restaurant

Infographic advertisments

Information campaign on energy conservation

Information campaign on nutrition and food waste

Information campaign on separated waste collection

Information campaign on water conservation

Interactive totem

Interactive Trails

Intergenerational education


Microcredit programs

Mobile micropayment services

Playground equipment that generate electricity

Potluck dinner

Promoting ecologically responsible behaviors

Repair and reuse workshop

Shared social kitchen

Sharing card

Smart gym

Social Crowdfunding

Social manager

SOS column

Storytelling Corner

Time bank

Urban gardens

Video surveillance system

Virtual bulletin board

Walking bus