Our work transforms people’s lives

The playground at Smart City Laguna, the world’s first affordable smart city currently under construction in Ceará, Brazil

Strong corporate governance supports our initiatives and guides our decisions

Planet’s ecosystem is paving the way for current and future generations to have access to affordable housing globally. Our methodology is based on: social innovation, planning and architecture, technological systems, and environmental practices. We create positive social impact by developing environmentally, economically and socially sustainable communities.

We ensure that our smart projects are eco-friendly and sustainable

Impact metrics surrounding environmental sustainability include:


Reduction in energy consumption in Smart City Laguna thanks to the implementation of LED lighting. This cuts carbon emissions by 25 tons per year.


Energy savings resulting from energy efficiency solutions in Laguna. 197 tons of CO2eq emissions avoided – equal to taking 143 cars off the road each year.

30,8 m2

Per capita of outdoor shared spaces in Laguna – equivalent to 77 football fields – of green and public space.

160,206 m3

Of water equivalent to 64 Olympic sized swimming pools, saved each year thanks to smart irrigation systems and water metering in Laguna.

We enhance employment prospects and offer income generation opportunities

Due to the size and scale of our smart city projects, we not only have a positive social impact on our residents but also those that live in surrounding communities.

10,000 residents and people from surrounding regions have benefitted from educational courses and community events hosted in and around Laguna’s Innovation Hub since 2016.

We believe firmly in bridging the digital divide. Our Innovation Hubs are equipped with free Wi-Fi, co-working spaces and shared computer facilities.

The construction of Smart City Laguna created jobs for 500 local people. We train and upskill employees for ongoing future employment opportunities.

Free education, arts and cultural engagement activities are provided through Planet Institute, our non-profit arm aimed at fostering social innovation in Brazil.

Homeownership is a way for generations to create wealth.

Our Community Managers support residents and help the community thrive

At the heart of our smart projects are our dedicated Community Managers. They play a vital role in empowering our communities to take advantage of the tools available to them and co-create their neighbourhood for the greater good of everyone.

Erica Sousa

Elena Fabris

Imma di Santo

Jaqueline Rabello

Sara Medici

Neha Shrivastava

We provide the tools to transform lives and inspire people to dream big

Find out what our communities have to say about us:

Claudenice Ferreira, owner of the Caipiras Fashion salon at Smart City Laguna, Brazil.

Luciana Ochoa, resident of Smart City Laguna, Brazil.

We align our business to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our impact strategy and business model are aligned to helping achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Due to the nature of our business, we have identified nine SDGs which are most aligned with our vision for the present and the future:

Since inception, our non-profit arm in Brazil, Planet Institute, has provided free learning opportunities to 10,000 people.

Our smart projects empower women to become homeowners, set up their own business, access health services, and take part in further education opportunities.

32,954 metres of sewage system, 13,006 metres of drainage pipes and 36,884 metres of aqueduct make up Smart City Laguna’s water distribution network.

882 energy efficient lamps with a total power distribution network of 26,100 metres have been installed at Smart City Laguna in Brazil.

We promote platforms for services such as car and bike-sharing via the Planet App, which collects essential data that can then be utilised for further research.

Our Innovation Hubs provide inclusive learning and leisure opportunities free of charge for residents and the surrounding community.

Between December 2019 and May 2020, our Zero Waste feature on the Planet App has helped recover 2,730kg of fresh food and distribute it to families in need.

We build global partnerships with a diverse range of organisations to share expertise and support innovative solutions that help transform our vision into a reality.

Strong corporate governance supports our initiatives and guides our decisions

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) supports our initiatives in the countries we operate and sets the tone of our global multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development. The ESG Committee meets quarterly.

Our employees and stakeholders are engaged to improve people’s lives in all corners of society by creating the conditions for circular economies to be born and to flourish. Our decision-making process focuses on people, planet, purpose, as well as business ethics and compliance.

We apply high levels of professional and personal integrity in all that we do. To ensure that the highest standards of compliance are embedded into our ecosystem, the necessary policies and procedures, including a Code of Conduct, have been put in place.