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Smart City Aquiraz: strategic location for work and leisure
200 Hectares
60 Smart solutions
18,000 Future residents

Just 35 kilometres away from downtown Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, Smart City Aquiraz will be built on an area of 200 hectares on the CE040 highway, providing convenience and accessibility in one of the main tourist centres within the state.

The smart city is an affordable alternative for those who wish to live in a service-rich environment and work in Fortaleza, with access to the daily public transportation network readily available. Access to the daily public transportation network is readily available.

The development is an excellent option for those who work in the hospitality industry

According to data from the State Secretary of Tourism, the location in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza features the second-largest hotel park in Ceará

Aquiraz is close to beautiful beaches such as Porto das Dunas, Prainha, Presídio, Iguape, Barro Preto, Batoque – with Beach Bela just six kilometres away from the smart city. 16 kilometres away, Beach Park, considered the largest water park in South America, is another reason for the large flow of tourists in the region. The smart city will be home to a newly-designed Innovation Hub, providing facilities, activities and social innovation programmes to bring residents and the surrounding community together.

Smart City Aquiraz presents a new way of life developed by Planet: connected, sustainable and collaborative to ofer more quality of life to its residents. House sales are expected to begin in the second half of 2020.

Distances from Smart City Aquiraz:

  • Centre of Aquiraz: 10 km

  • Beach Park: 16 km

  • Tapioqueiras Centre: 22 km

  • Centre of Fortaleza: 35 km

Beach Park, the largest water park in South America
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