Redo | Planet Smart City | Places That Matter
REDO: the first smart affordable
neighbourhood in Italy
615 Flats
1,600 Residents
25 smart solutions installed

Located in the Rogoredo-Santa Giulia neighbourhood, south-east of Milan’s downtown, REDO is the first smart affordable neighbourhood in Italy. A residential project which consisting of 615 apartments offered in various models for either lease and for sale, it features 25 smart solutions integrated by Planet Smart City. The company provided smart engineering consultancy for the project in four key areas: environment, architecture, technology and community. The project has been developed by The Lombardy Real Estate Fund, managed by InvestiRE SGR, whereas the Social Housing Foundation has provided social-welfare expertise.

REDO Milan’s buildings meet Class A energy standards and are connected to a district heating system and a fiber optic network. Residents will be able to monitor and manage energy consumption and other innovative services using the Planet App. The application also allows residents to reserve common areas that are dedicated to community initiatives, socialize with other inhabitants and learn about and take part in events organized in the neighbourhood.

The area is an important transportation hub that includes high speed trains, the M3 subway line, and many other surface lines. Apartments will be available to residents at the end of 2019.