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SeiMilano is a unique and contemporary garden city built around an intelligent urban ecosystem Discover more
1 Central park
100 Smart solution installed
524 High-quality apartments
1,500 Residents

Planet will provide residents with over 100 integrated smart solutions and access to Planet App, which allows households to interact with the solutions integrated into the development.

Located in Milan, SeiMilano combines a comprehensive selection of integrated smart solutions, chosen in accordance with the UN’s objectives for sustainable development, with a modern garden city ethos and lush green surroundings.

Developed using the consultancy services and thee smart city know-how of our Competence Centre, it is the result of a collaboration with Borio Mangiarotti – one of Europe’s leading built environment experts. The new district provides recreational and relaxation opportunities not just for residents but for the surrounding community and has been designed by Mario Cucinella Architects in conjunction with leading landscaping studio Michel Desvigne Paysagiste.

SeiMilano was envisioned as a recovery project, transforming a neglected area of Milan into a futureproof neighbourhood blending urban and rural aspects. The park will prove over time to be a valuable inner-city resource. The smart district is designed to be sustainable, technological and to support the needs of residents and people in the surrounding area. As an urban regeneration intervention for a formerly neglected area of Milan, SeiMilano aims to return a section of the city to citizens.

Images of Mario Cucinella Architects

SeiMilano provides a new framework for living in a large, bustling city, with a consistent focus on wellbeing and quality of life. Back to projects