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24/05/2019 Reinventing Cities: Planet develops App for winning project

Planet is part of INNESTO, the first Zero Carbon affordable housing project in Italy, which has been awarded in Oslo this week in the context of Reinventing Cities, a global competition for innovative carbon-free and resilient urban projects.

Located in Greco Breda, a former freight terminal in Milan, INNESTO is a zero-emission, collaborative and sustainable neighbourhood surrounded by greenery, community gardens and public spaces. A place where spaces are able to adapt over time to different needs and functions and where the focus is on the people who live there. A Community Food Hub, a Urban Farming, and residential areas make up a new Human Adaptive Zone which consists of spaces and services for the community.

The project has been developed by a team represented by Fondo Immobiliare Lombardia (FIL) managed by InvestireSGR with Fondazione Housing Sociale (FHS) as strategic partner, Barreca & La Varra as architects and landscape designers, and Arup Italia as environmental and urban planning expert.

Planet has developed the Neighbourhood App, dedicated to the district, that integrates innovative solutions. It will, for instance, monitor energy consumption of individual homes allowing residents to compare their results with their neighbours. This system features a loyalty rewards program which is based on virtuous behaviours. The App will be used to serve not only technological solutions but all services provided in the smart community. Planet also used the Social Smart City Matrix to ensure the selection of smart solutions were balanced in four key areas: architecture, environment, society, and technology.

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